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Night Splint "products that actually work exactly as advertised"





  • Softest Interface and Greatest Range of Adjustment: Flex-E-Core
  • Side Straps Keep Foot Angle Where You Want It
  • Extra Foam Toe Wedge Included for Extra Toe Lift
  • No Hard Rigid Plastic; Lightweight and Comfortable
  • More Control, Better Outcomes…Transforming Lives
  • No Anti-Rotation Bar on Night Splint

Multi Use Boot

TECHNICAL DETAILS and Watch How to Put it on
  • More Control gives you Better Outcomes–get the Relief you are looking for
  • Control dorsiflexion with adjustable side straps; control foot drop
  • Softer interface means more comfort: this Night Splint has a very soft covered medical foam interface–no hard plastic
  • Plantar Fasciitis? Plantar Fasciitis–What is it?-CLICK HERE
  • Night Splint that Works!
  • Night Splint: LEEDer Group products that actually work exactly as advertised! So attests a pleased user of the Night Splint that Works!
  • K.S. from New York, further states: Thanks for everything, by the way; I ordered those two boots as a prophylactic measure; I have had some issues with my plantar fascia, and it needs to be stretched regularly to avoid injury. These boots are fantastic!
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    What is Plantar Fasciits?