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LEEDer KYDEX PRO vs. the other Ankle Foot Orthosis Boots





  • There is little to compare when you put KYDEX up against Polypropylene when it comes to Multi Podus boot shells (or PRAFOs as some call it… tip of the hat to Anatomical Concepts…they make an excellent boot but it’s way too expensive and it uses aluminum and nylon which are terrible fire enhancers and generally shunned from health care environments). LEEDerGroup.com: KYDEX Pro Multi Podus boot with ambulation pad Prevent Mitigate Heel Ulcers No Fleece with Transfer Pad

KYDEX: STATE OF THE ART: a true thermoforming plastic Perfectly fits Medicare codes
  • Yes, KYDEX is the preferred plastic for the medical industry (as well as the areo-space industry) for its safety…it self-extinguishes unlike all the other oil based plastics which are fire accelerants. KYDEX has the highest Fire Safety rating of all the plastics.
  • More importantly, for the LEEDer KYDEX PRO the use of KYDEX it perfectly fits the Medicare Codes for fit and adjustment. Yes, you really can easily adjust the LEEDer KYDEX Pro just as the Medicare Code specifies even with a good hair dryer used as the heat source. Try that with a polypropylene boot…it’s nearly impossible: the bend temperature is so close to the melt temperature you will likely end up with a puddle of plastic. KYDEX is a true thermoforming plastic; it’s easy to adjust just as the Medicare Code specifies…plus it safe and strong
Select the KYDEX PRO…always ask if it is made with KYDEX; Do NOT make the mistake of purchasing a Polypro (polypropylene) Ankle Foot Orthosis boot; Don’t make that mistake