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SEWHO E-2626 Shoulder Elbow Wrist Hand Orthosis




  • 3 Axis Adjustment: Lateral, Horizon and Vertical
  • Provide Stable Arm Support
  • Fits any Standard WheelChair
  • Reduce / Control Lateral Leaning
  • Arm Tray with Built in WHFO Arm Support Splint L3807
Technical Details and Watch How to Install on Standard Wheelchair.
  • Professional PRO-SEWHO Shoulder-Elbow-Wrist-Hand Orthosis Orthotic Contracture Management
  • Transform the lives of your CVA patients; allows better posture, positioning and therapy. You’re in Control making better Outcomes; Old Code: L-3964 discontinued code has been cross walked to E 2626, E-2626 Don’t Miss out..!
  • Easy Fit with COMFORT Arm Tray Interface (Flex-E-Core Technology) Fits standard wheelchairs (full armrests) only E2626 + L3807. Other codes: L3962 ICD-9 codes CVA related.
  • PRO-SEWHO: Shoulder-Elbow-Wrist-Hand Orthosis features 3 Axis adjustment (Lateral, Horizontal & Vertical Height from 1 to 5 inches). Permits easy adaptation to Your patient’s needs. Easily attaches to ANY wheelchair armrest WITHOUT TOOLS !
  • Provides stable arm support especially for the contracted arm patient with limited range of motion (ROM).
  • Compact and Easy to Use
  • Adjustable Elbow Stopper
  • Adjustable Horizontal rotation control stops for therapy
  • Reduce and Control Lateral leaning
  • Arm Rest Level position adjustable from 1 – 5 inches elevation providing full ARM extension for Edema control
  • Hardened Aluminum and Stainless Steel Construction
  • Comfort Cushion Arm Tray completely adjustable including Elbow Stopper End
  • Adjusts easily for Right or Left side with Flex-E-Core Technology
  • Washable cover
  • Click/See: PRO-SEWHO Fitting Instructions
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    Order Code: PRO-SEWHO: Includes Arm Tray with Integral WHFO