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Multi Podus Pediatric Boot, KYDEX PRO





  • This LEEDer KYDEX-PRO Pediatric Multi Podus boot is one of several Professional pediatric products available through LEEDerGroup.com (see our 1-2-3 Pediatric PRO-RESTing Hand Splint and the PRO-Multi Use Pediatric foot splint).
The Adult boot is the same as the Pediatric only larger; it’s available as a Bed boot or Ambulation boot
  • KYDEX-PRO: safer and stronger protects you and your patients… Don’t MISS OUT..!
KYDEX-Pro Ankle Foot Orthosis Ambulation or Bed Boot: More Control; Better Outcomes; Transforming Lives

Video depicts Adult boot with Ambulation Pad; the Pediatric is the same, only smaller
  • KYDEX-PRO shell is field adjustable; Foot Brace
  • Easy No Strap don-doff Ankle Splints toe walker
  • Available with Fleece ONLY
  • Perfect for Sizes 8 – 3 Child
FOR slightly larger Pediatric boot: see LEEDer MULTI USE BOOT-click THIS LINK