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Paediatric Multi Use Boot - Flex-E-Core Adjustable





LEEDer Multi Use Flex-E-Core Pediatric; Professional Orthosis for Pediatrics
  • PRO-Multi USE Orthosis adjusts for Plantar Fasciitis, Dorsiflexion as a Night Splint, recumbent heel pressure relief, wound control, Heel Float, inversion or eversion, or toe walking.
ALTERNATIVE: Pediatric KYDEX PRO Boot Click-Here to access
  • See Video: Multi Use Pediatric PRO-Orthosis boot; it is exactly the same, only larger
  • LEEDer Pediatric PRO-Multi-Use Boot w/ Flex-E-Core Technology
  • More Control…Better Outcomes…Transforming Lives LEEDer-PRO-Multi Use Boot for Pediatrics…Don’t Miss OUT..!
  • Completely adjustable Foot Brace
  • Night Splint application With adjustable dorsiflexion straps for all conditions
  • Soft and Flexible interface; Child Sizes 8 – 2 (max. about Size 5 Woman)
  • High Patient Compliance
  • Easy to Use Ankle Splints
Inflatable Waffle boots provide similar therapy for heel float but do not have the required adjustment range that Flex-E-Core Technology provides; waffle boots are limited to supporting the ankle foot and floating the heel; additionally they are hot and do not allow natural breathing fabric; structurally they cannot support the lower limb adequately.
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