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LSO Lumbo Sacral Back Braces LSO





Click Here to See more on the BOC (Better Outcomes) PRO-LSO; find out why it’s so highly effective
L 1-5 Lumbar Vertebrae... The BOC Mini really works well here.  Don't miss out on relief. Click to see video BOC Lumbar Mini
  • PRO-LSO: Professional dual strap LSO with Flex-E-Core panels which are adjustable
  • See application Video below
  • How to evaluate an effective Lower back brace splint for Low Chronic Back Pain releif: Answer the questions below: Does it provide ? If you can answer YES, it will probably help you. Opposing Force Min BOC Works...don't Miss Out on Relief Compression Field Visualization
  • DOES IT PROVIDE A Low Pressure Compression Field to the Lower spinal column with Medicare required panels, which apply intra cavitary pressure reducing load on the inter vertebral discs?
  • DOES IT PROVIDE Non Elastic Straps gently fixing the opposing-force, LOW PRESSURE panels in place maintaining the compression field, which relieves vertical Compression pain (PINCHED BACK NERVES) and discomfort?
  • DOES IT PROVIDE A Lumbar Dome on the back/posterior panel to properly align the spine and improve posture?
  • If the LSO does all this, you can get relief, comfort, better posture and possibly avoid drastic surgical measures.*
  • The LEEDer Group PRO-LSO’s provide you with all of the above. L0627 or L0642 Insurance Code… Don’t miss out: Get Relief !
  • Lumbo Sacral back braces are available in a wide range of sizes. PRO-LSO range from larger body jacket types to small and inconspicuous, like the BOC PRO-LSO. All get the job done; the smallest , the BOC (mini), is inconspicuous and comfortable brace that stabilizes the lower lumbar region with Low Pressure inflating the spinal disc relieving pinched nerves. Get a new Life, back brace BOC 116 CF XS L0642 LSO Medium Thin Beige w/ Black Rip Stop Exterior
  • The fixed Low Pressure on the lower spinal disc assembly is the key to stabilizing, and providing relief and comfort to the user. To be effective the LSO must have opposing panels connected with NON ELASTIC straps to pressurize the spinal column, inflating the discs.
  • The opposing panels when snugged together apply containment pressure INWARD toward the center of the body (the spine) from the back and the abdomen. This containment pressure stabilizes the spinal column allowing controlled movement without pain and relieving painful vertical spinal compression conditions.

Click the Arrow below to Watch the Video Low Pressure belt

  • When the Pro LSO is applied to your back and abdomen the LSO front and back panels create a compression or containment field around the spinal column. And, the Pro LSO include a direct Lumbar ARCH pressure point which is key to providing relief as well as encouraging good posture. LSO Flex-E-Core Opposing Panels & Non-Stretch Straps
  • Testimonials: What Users Say about LEEDer products Click/See
  • Custom Fits with Flex-E-Core Technology Control Back Brace L0642 Insurance Code
  • Fundamental design softly compresses the lower back and Abdomen restricting mobility, unloading discs, vertebrae and other spinal structures
  • The Patent Pending technology, Flex-E-Core, combines Ferrous Alloys laminated within lightweight copolymer plastic forming composite panels that are malleable with high tensile resistance.
  • Flex-E-Core panels allow you to match the posterior pad lumbar dome to your back adjusting it so the Dome fits your Lumbar Curve
  • Extremely comfortable; Easy to put on and take off
  • THREE SIZES (Small, Medium, Large) either Thin or Padded Model and the low profile BOC PRO-LSO (with panels that can be worn under clothing as well as over)
  • BOC PRO-LSO RECOMMENDED for lower, lumbar back pain discomfort and support You won’t believe how something So Small can help you So BIG! It’s like getting a new LIFE: Back Brace BOC PRO-LSO 116 CF XS
Click on Video-Get a New LIFE: Back Brace BOC PRO-LSO 116 cf XS
BOC MIni Close UP Opposing Force Panels...Lumbar Dome Shown...Don't Miss Out...ReliefBOC MIni Close UP Opposing Force Panels...Lumbar Dome Shown...Don't Miss Out...Relief
  • The compact design is easily hidden under clothing; it’s almost unnoticeable; it works equally well on big and small, round or thin. Once the straps are properly adjusted to the torso, it’s easy to put on; the real advantage of the BOC PRO-LSO brace is that you can wear it for long periods of time with comfort and full relief which results from the gentle compression of the spine in the area between the two panels; non-stretch straps allow a gentle, continuous pressure which causes the spinal discs to separate ever so slightly, rising upwards and downward, un-pressing nerves and relieving pressure.
  • Wearing it you get immediate relief for lower back pain…you will be able to do things you couldn not do…from Gardening to Golfing. Insurance Code L0642
  • always wear an undershirt to protect the skin from abrasion
See compact and form fitting design of the BOC PRO-LSO with optional covers on panels: Lumbar Dome, non-stretch straps and extra adjustment slots = Better OutComes = BOC
BOC PRO-LSO Lumbar Back Orthosis (the "mighty mini")
  • LEEDer Note: exercise specific to strengthening and stretching the abdomen and back muscles is highly recommended in conjunction with back brace use. Strengthened musculature, better posture and stretching can eventually replace the temporary assist derived from a back brace. See your doctor for guidance.