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Lower Back Pain Relief





Compression Field Visualization
  • The most effective back brace we have come across, in terms of customer satisfaction and pain relief, is the LEEDer BOC (Better OutComes) PRO-LSO-CF-XS 116 Mini This compact and unobtrusive soft plastic panel, form-fitting brace works so well because, #1, the Lumbar Dome design adaptively fits the lower back and, #2, the non-elastic straps, which allow Low Pressure, comfortable, wearing. Users find this back brace so comfortable they can wear it for hours. The mild, Low Pressure, compression of the lower spinal column lifts the spinal discs apart relieving pinched nerves. The technical explanation: “intra cavitary pressure reducing load on the inter vertebral discsâ€?. Many wear the brace protectively when they must work or do things which might strain their lower back.

  • Lower Back Pain Relief — Diagnosis And Treatment
    L 1-5 Lumbar Vertebrae... The BOC Mini really works well here.  Don't miss out on relief.
    Lower back pain relief isn’t straightforward. Low spine problems are particularly difficult to treat. There is an assumption that all spinal signs and symptoms can be traced to distinct pathological processes. However, lower back pain relief is not that simple. The approach of treating the spine by diagnosis is ideal and often works well, even though complete liberation from soreness is elusive. Generally, there is scant agreement among clinicians concerning an accurate diagnosis. What is really contributing to the lasting symptoms the patient feels? Differences of opinion exist between disciplines, with one clinician calling a facet syndrome what another clinician would call a disc bulge. Often, the diagnosis depends on which university one attended, rather than a clear consensus supported by the literature. Treatments for lumbar spine pains can be complex and frustrating. Reliefs are often temporary. Lumbar supports, posture and strengthening exercises, education, and braces can help. Staying active is an essential feature of a good treatment plan.
  • Lower Back Pain Treatment And Self-Responsibility
    Lower back pain treatment is important, since nearly 80% of the population will experience spinal discomfort in their lifetimes. Low lumbar complaints are the most common. Congenital defects and severe injuries resulting in spinal joint instability are relatively rare. In most cases, poor posture and bad habits contribute to backache. It is wise for patients to exercise regularly to maintain adequate strength of the lumbar, spinal and abdominal muscles. A spine support or brace may be important to let the patient participate in activities that would otherwise result in chronic discomfort. Since no orthosis can completely immobilize the low spine, the beneficial effect of a support is thought to be caused by the unloading and stabilizing effect and the reminder to use good posture and body mechanics. Spinal injury can be effectively managed with medical care, therapy, or chiropractic. However, the relief resulting from the treatments is an incomplete cure, unless the patient takes self-responsibility for good spinal health via exercise.