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RESTing Splints Pediatric L3807 or L3809





Requires a minimum distance between Wrist crease and Elbow crease of 6 inches or 15.24 cm
  • 1-2-3 PRO-REST Pediatric Hand Splint Orthosis paediatric BETTER OUTCOMES and MORE CONTROL
  • Flex-E-Core no heat – no tool Adjustable: withstands tone; adjust to provide nerual feedback to control contracture tone, spasticiy; return ROM; WHFO Wrist Hand Finger Orthosis Wrist Splints Contracture Management
  • Just like our Insurance Coded L-3807 or L3809 WHFO Orthotics but in miniature
  • The 1-2-3 PRO-REST Pediatric RESTing Hand splint Orthosis now with Exclusive 1-2-3 Strap Application Guide
LEEDer PRO-REST Hand Orthosis Splint; Get the Advantage: More Control; Better Outcomes; Transforming Lives

The Paediatric PRO-REST is a smaller copy of the Adult PRO-REST Orthosis
  • Flex-E-Core Technology makes any adjustment easy
  • Sizing: Wrist crease to elbow crease minimum 6 inches; this is a minimum; you must have at least 6 inches between the Wrist Crease and the Elbow Crease
  • Perfect for stabilizing Wrist-Hand-Fingers
  • Easy don / doff
  • Available with luxurious Lamb’s wool (Syn.) Fleece
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