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Elbow Splint L3760





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Elbow Orthosis Splints*
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L-3760 Insurance Coded

  • LEEDer PRO-Elbow Soft, comfortable and EASY to Apply; Perfect for treatment of non-fixed contractures with elbow splints
  • Sized by Bicep and ForeArm Circumference
  • Large = Bicep 13.5” to 16” ForeArm 12.5” to 15”
    Medium = Bicep 10.5” to 13” ForeArm 9.5” to 12”
    Small = Bicep 8.5” to 10” ForeArm 7.5” to 9”
    If you have a NON-proportionate dimension, please call for assistance. Usually an “extender pack” will work.
  • PROVIDER NOTE: The Elbow can be used for a child’s knee by simply reversing the hinges; pediatric brace splint
  • High patient compliance to Stabilize extension
  • Facilitate rehabilitation contracture management brace L3760
  • Increase R.O.M. with indexed hinge safely, slowly, comfortably
  • Dynamic Hinge also allows for Static Setting and proper alignment with elbow axis

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