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LEEDer PRO Dorsal Resting Hand Splints L3807 or L3809





LEEDer Easy-PRO Hand Orthosis with 1-2-3 Strap Application Numbering L3807 or L3809
Professional Lightweight Flex-E-Core frame allows adjustment without Heat or Tools… Better Outcomes…More Control
  • Dorsal-PRO Hand splints L3807 are applied to the top of the forearm relieving pressure with the palmar surface of the hand wrist forearm; depending upon the patient’s tonal response and sensitivity this is the desired clinical application; when you wish to decrease flex or spasticity due to increased tone in the wrist and finger flexors; sometimes sensitivity to heat and sweat on the palmar surface implies a LEEDer Dorsal PRO Resting Splint
  • LEEDer Easy 1-2-3 Strap Application Numbering making life easier for everyone all the way to the end user
  • Lightweight Flex-E-Core frame of medical grade Volara foam permits near unlimited adjustment to the current patient condition without heat or tools; compare heavy sheet steel nonadjustable Comfy splints
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  • Functional Resting Hand Splint L-3807 oR l3809 this is another functional resting hand splint with a dorsal platform application
  • Treat Spasticity and Contracture
  • Flex-E-Core Technology
  • Sizing: Measure wrist to elbow crease distance; under 8 inches is a small (LDSL-PRO or LDSR-PRO) and 8 inches and greater is Med/Large (LDML-PRO or LDMR-PRO)
  • Perfect for CVA patients, cerebral palsy, closed head injuries, and spinal cord injuries. Washable Cover; Finger Separator Included.
  • Unlimited Adjustment; easy to adjust Flex-E-Core
  • Dorsal platform frees palmar area allowing greater sensory feedback and greater tone inhibition.
  • Easy don / doff 1-2-3 Strap Numbering System
  • WHFO Wrist Hand Finger Orthosis; Orthotics;Wrist Splints;Contracture Management; Dorsal Splint
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Order code: LDML-PRO or LDMR-PRO; LDSL-PRO or LDSR-PRO (Note: Medium size covers both medium and large due to size necessary to wrap around the forearm and hand.)