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LEEDER KYDEX PRO Boot Options: Transfer Pad for Bed Boots; Extender Pads for Edema & Boot Liners





  • LEEDer KYDEX PRO Bed boots have a Transfer (limited) Pad option whereby you can convert a bed boot to an ambulation boot by applying this pad to the bottom of the boot
    Order Code: LATA Optional Bed Boot Transfer Pad

  • Another option (e.g. Bariatric) is the Extender Pad Kit used on either the Foot Closure Flap or the Calf Closure Flap to accommodate cases when either are swollen or disproportionate so that an extension of the Closure Flap is needed to make the Velcro connect
    Order Code: LBAE (add NF for No Fleece-VelFOAM Pads)
    (only the Foot Extender is shown below; however, both Pads, Foot and calf, are in the Extender Pad Kit)
    Bottom Extender Pad Visible
  • Replacement KYDEX PRO Boot Liners are available (see Below) in Fleece or No Fleece (VelFoam); they are the same liner for either Bed Boots or Ambulation Boots and Bariatric Use: Extender Pad Kit for edema
  • Order Code: LBLL (Large) or LBLR (Regular) add NF for No fleece-VelFOAM
Take a look at the LEEDer KYDEX PROAmbulation Boot Video