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Belkis TLSO





BELKIS-PRO-TLSO; Professional TLSO back brace with easy adjust shoulder straps
  • Testimonials: What Users Say about LG products Click/See
  • Watch Application Video (below) to see how to wear the BELKIS-PRO-TLSO
  • Custom Fits with Flex-E-Core Technology Control
See don-doff of the BELKIS-PRO-TLSO – a Professional BOC Orthotist design for the L-O456 Insurance Code: WATCH VIDEO
BELKIS-PR0-TLSO Back Brace: More Control…Better Outcomes…Transforming Lives
  • BELKIS-PRO Strap Back Brace system allows user to easily apply after first fitting.
  • The Professional Back Brace helps immobilize and stabilize the spine
  • The key to its success is the Non-Elastic straps, which allow Low Pressure application and Pain Relieving-Spinal Lift
  • The Flex-E-Core Technology allows you to match the posterior pad Lumbar Dome to your Lumbar Curve (adjust it so the Dome projects into the Curve of your back Applying intra-cavitary pressure within and around the spinal discs relieving pinched nerves)
  • Adjust the over shoulder and under arm straps to control the Thora-columbar Spine
  • Facilitates healing of injuries or after surgical procedures; reduces Pain
  • Easy front adjustment by patient-user once fitted
  • Flex-E-Core, Ferro-Plastic Composite panels allow hands-on custom fitting; unlimited adjustment
  • Extremely comfortable; Easy Application with patient Quick release
  • UNIVERSAL FIT each with 52 inch long straps

Here’s a nice testimonial recently sent to us:

Hello from Indiana. It was nice speaking with you regarding the back brace for our son Caleb B. and to get sizing info regarding some of your other products. The back brace Caleb is currently using [LG-BELKIS-PRO-TLSO] is wonderful!! He has Cerebral Palsy, balancing and supporting himself can be difficult at times. He is also stronger in the abdominal area than in his back so he over compensates and leans forward a lot. The back brace keeps Caleb sitting perfectly straight!! Even independently WOW! That is good proprioceptive input for him, and he can multi-task easier with good posture. So we are basically using it to help correct Caleb’s posture, help retrain and give him input. We are even able to use this back brace while seating in a bolster seat, and using it that way, he does not need any straps or harnesses to keep him upright. The material is very soft, and he can leave the shoulder straps on for a good theraputic session with no pressure marks or discomfort. I can’t say enough, and when Caleb is independent using the back brace he is very proud of himself!! Kelly B. 1530 xxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx, IN xxxxx rxxxxxxxxx@msn.com

  • Determine sizing needed by measuring the width of the back and compare to the Back Panel Width above; consider that front panels are all the same size, 11 inches Wide.
  • Next: determine the appropriate Height by measuring the distance from the Sacral to the top of the shoulders.
  • Select the largest Back Panel Height which will fit
  • Remember: the Small, Medium and Large have dual non-stretch straps which will fit up to approx. 52 inch waist

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