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LEEDer Air Assist Grip Hand Splints L3807 or L3809





  • LEEDer PRO-Air Assist GRIP Orthosis L-3807 or L3809 Tag F314 Hand Splint; Use it with the Flex-E-Core WHFO (Wrist-Hand-Finger) support or simply use the air-bulb like a carrot splint
  • Professional PRO WHFO Wrist Hand Finger Orthosis — Wrist Splints for Contracture Management
  • Excellent and practical orthosis to aggressively treat wrist hand contractures or clenching fist. Get the contraction going the other way by pumping up pressure in the palmar air bulb….More Control…Better Outcomes.
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Side shot of LGAA Air Assist Grip showing Bulb inflated in hand LGAA Air Assist with internal air bulb outside, pump and finger separator
  • Professional LEEDer PRO-Air Assist Hand Splint Orthosis
  • Includes Finger Separator
  • For Severe Contractures start with Palmar Bulb Alone
  • Includes easy Hand Pump and Palmar/Dorsal wrist Splint
  • High Patient Compliance
  • Easy to Use Hand Splint
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