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Tools or toys; It's your choice





Tools or toys?…that is the question…
  • LEEDer Group makes Tools for your professional use; Choose Tools, not toys.
LEEDerGroup.com: KYDEX Pro Multi Podus boot with ambulation pad Prevent Mitigate Heel Ulcers
  • Compare some of the Foam Toys out there with LEEDer productsl; Compare the ankle-foot KYDEx-PRO orthosis specifically with the Foam boots
  • The Foam boots are a simplistic design to contain the foot and float the heel ONLY; To qualify for the L4396 code they added a plastic stiffener along the back and bottom of the boot. It was an after thought when Medicare denied the Foam Boots
  • Then, they added a little pad on the bottom and called it an ambulation boot. Be careful; these boots are not as safe especially for the elderly. The Foam boots are not as safe; the foot is unconstrained and we have reports of patient’s feet slipping inside these foam boots, which can lead to a dangerous loss of balance, falls and further injury to the patient, etc. And, at night while sleeping, the foot comes out of the boot negating the efficacy of the boot. Also, the foam boots lack proper adjustment; there is NO adjustment strap for the foot portion of the boot…nothing to keep the foot properly encased and protected by the boot material; plus, the foam does not breath which builds up moisture.
  • HeelLift, DM Systems, Medline and Alimed all have Foam boots…toys… AKA heelifts heel lifts, bunny boot like toys such as these. Know the difference between Tools and toys.
  • Protect your patients: insist on the KYDEX-PRO Ankle Boot Foot Orthosis for Better Outcomes…a real Tool you can use…LEEDerGroup.com