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Performance Health-LEEDer PRO-Multi Use Boot Flex-E-Core Splint Item Order Codes





Performance Health aka Sammons Preston aka Patterson Medical Item Order Codes
Multi Use Boot
  • Cat No: 96043401 (Item No: LEEDer PRO-Multi-Use Boot Size: Pediatric; LEEDer Code: LMUP; HCPCS Code: L4396 or L4397 / L1930; UPC/UDI 881314867103
  • Cat No:96043402 (Item No: 081258300) LEEDer PRO-Multi-Use Boot Size: Adult; LEEDer Code: LMUA; HCPCS Code: L4396 or L4397 / L1930; UPC/UDI 881314867691
  • Cat No: 96043403 (Item No: 081258318); LEEDer PRO-Multi-Use Boot Size: Adult Firm; LEEDer Code: LMUF; HCPCS Code: L4396 or L4397 / L1930; UPC/UDI 881314867097
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