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Resting Hand Splint Wearing Schedule





Pro-Rest Hand Orthosis

Wearing Schedule for Hand Splints
( this schedule applies to the PRO RESTing Hand Splint, the PRO GRIPing and PRO DORSAL Hand Splints; (i.e. Volar Hand Splints) L3807 or L3809)
Recommended Schedule
  1. Begin with 1 hour on
  2. Remove and assess
  3. Reapply if no redness, edema or pain is noted
  4. Increase wearing time by 30 – 60 minutes (on / off as tolerated until maximum time reached)
  5. Remove at least once per shift for assessment
  • Laundry Instructions (Note: each LEEDer Hand Splint Orthosis includes a Finger Separator and Laundry Bag)
    1. Separate liner from Flex-E-Core Frame
    2. Fasten all hook and loop Velcro Closures
    3. Place in mesh laundry bag
    4. Machine wash warm-No Bleach
    5. Rinse Thoroughly
    6. Tumble dry on warm settings or drip dry
See RESTing Hand Splint Video

  • Sizing: EASY. Measure the distance between the Elbow Crease and the Wrist Crease
    SMALL = Less than 8 inches (~20cm)
    MEDIUM = 8 to 9.5 inches (~20 to 24cm)
    LARGE = Greater than 9.5 inches (~24cm)
  • 1-2-3 PRO-GRIP, PRO-REST and PRO-DORSAL Hand Splint Orthoses with Strap Application Numbering…making better outcomes throughout the healthcare chain
  • Wearing schedule per therapy or physician’s order supersedes all others; wearing schedule always adapted to patient’s condition
  • Billing related information is subject to change; please verify with proper billing authority.
Product is intended for use on a single patient.
Replacement COVERS (Order Code = COV after Splint Code) should only be used with original patient to avoid cross contamination between patients.