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Contracture Management Related

Resting Hand Splint Purpose





Pro-Rest Hand Orthosis Pro-Rest with Flex-E-Core Frame for Custom Molding to Patient's Condition---No Tools or Heat Required
  • Resting Hand Splints Adjustable Without Tools or Heat
  • Control the Wrist-Hand-Finger Assembly, Counteracting Contracture, Wrist Drop, etc
  • Provide Functional Hand Position, Intrinsic Plus Position, Immobilization and Prevent Deformity
  • Ease Rheumatoid Arthritis, for Day and Night Wear, Trauma Injuries, etc.
  • Flex-E-Core Adjustable Without Heat or Tools

TECHNICAL DETAILS and Watch How to Put it On
  • The 1-2-3 PRO-RESTing Hand Splint Orthosis is used by professional Therapist worldwide One of the few fully customizable (bendable, adjustable) WHFO’s without tools or heat: Flex-E-Core makes it so: L3807 or L3809
  • CLICK HERE to Fnd a Typical RESTING HAND SPLINT Wearing Schedule
  • Sizing: EASY. Measure the distance between the Elbow Crease and the Wrist Crease
    SMALL = Less than 8 inches (~20cm)
    MEDIUM = 8 to 9.5 inches (~20 to 24cm)
    LARGE = Greater than 9.5 inches (~24cm)
  • All LEEDer PRO-Hand Orthoses use Flex-E-Core frames which are completely adjustable without tools or heat.
  • The adjustable Flex-E-Core adapts to contractures; it is strong enough to resist strong tone and spasticity; neuro-training lessens duration and intensity of spasticity over time. Recover Range of Motion by adjusting Flex-E-Core frame to counteract contracture. Includes finger separator. (Rest available No-Fleece) All Splints Latex Free. 1-2-3 PRO-GRIP and 1-2-3 PRO-DORSAL Easy 123 Strap numbers.
  • Flex-E-Core is a proprietary production technique which involves a complex assembly of Medical Grade Volara foam on the outside and hand formed and brazed internal wire structure allowing the Professional to Custom Fit to the patient’s precise condition
    SEE Flex-E-Core Article-CLICK-HERE)
  • Immobilizes wrist, fingers, and thumb. Immobilizes in functional hand position or intrinsic plus position.
  • SEE More Info on Intrinsic Plus Prevents deformity.
  • Functional Hand Position: Wrist in 20°-30° of extension (neutral if inflammation due to exacerbation of rheumatoid arthritis). Thumb abducted (palmar abduction) .Metacarpophalangeal joints in 15°-20° of flexion. Interphalangeal joints in slight flexion.
  • Intrinsic Plus Position Wrist position varies: Palmar burn – 30°-40° extension; Dorsal burn – neutral; Crushing injury – 0°-30° extension; Metacarpophalangeal joints Burn – 70°-90° flexion; Crushing injury – 60°-80° flexion; Interphalangeal joints of fingers and thumb extended. Thumb abducted.
  • Diagnoses that may require a 1-2-3 PRO RESTing Hand Splint: Rheumatoid Arthritis during periods of acute exacerbation; Nighttime wear: Trauma injuries; Rest and support to injured tissues; Reduce pain and edema; Dorsal or Volar hand burns; Prevent contractures; Aid in tissue healing. Day and Night wear: Remove for dressing changes and cleaning; Spasticity due to upper motor neuron lesions; Prevent contractures; Lengthen shortened finger flexors; However, monitor thumb position and potential for increased spasticity; carefully Remove splint to encourage functional use of hand.
  • Click here for 1-2-3 PRO-REST FITTING INSTRUCTIONS
  • Protocol Precautions: Monitor areas of pressure (redness should disappear after 20 minutes). Avoid pressure over bony prominence. Make frequent adjustments.
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