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KYDEX PRO Pressure Sore Boots






KYDEX PRO Multi Podus KYDEX-PRO Ambulation Orthosis KYDEX PRO Multi Podus Bed Boot No Fleece KYDEX-PRO Bed Boot Orthosis Amboot with view of retaining nuts and Ambulation pad Amboot view from Under with Fast Lock Donuts removed; retaining nuts visible and Anti-Rotation Bar KYDEX-PRO Ambulation Pad Attachment Closeup-Fast Lock

  • Preventing Heel Ulcers and Heel Pressure Sores
  • Floating the Heel to Correct Lack of Blood Flow
  • Reversing Heel Ulcer Damage
  • Provide Comfortable, Adjustable Platform; KYDEX Pro
  • Safer Stronger Ambulation improves Blood Flow

Technical Details and Video How to Put on KYDEX-PRO
  • Regular & Large Size fit almost everyone mean Less Inventory
  • SIZING: Easy: Measure 11 inches (~28cm) up from heel: Around calf: Regular Size = up to 16 inches (~40cm); Large Size = over 16 inches to about 20 inches (~40cm-51cm)
  • For unusual sizes an Extender Kit for the Calf and Foot available for edema, etc.
  • KYDEX-PRO: More Control…Better Outcomes…Transforming Lives…Don’t MISS OUT on Savings and Safety with KYDEX-PRO Orthosis
  • Pressure Sore Boots, Heelboot or heel boot, heel decubitus and wound care are terms connected with lack of blood flow to the heel. Usually caused by immobility and lack of movement
  • BED BOOT: KYDEX PRO bed boot floats the heel allowing blood flow; Order Codes: LBR and LBL.
  • AMBULATION BOOT: Get those patients moving, get the blood flowing with a limited transfer ambulation boot. Order Codes: LBMR and LBML.
  • The importance of preventative treatment and rigorous inspection-monitoring of foot/ankle is paramount for preventing decubitus ulcers or pressure sores. KYDEX-Pro Ankle Foot Orthosis does the job.
  • Other important issues: Cleanliness, circulation, diet, warmth in addition to floating boots go a long way toward controlling this problem and all of these treatments cost much less…by about a factor of 100 on the low end. It’s a pretty easy calculation to spend $1 now to protect yourself from spending $100 later. These boots work!
  • Formula: Fast-LOK Ambulation Pad + Cure-BAN Anti-Microbial SoftGoods + KYDEX-PRO = Maximum Protection for you and your patients = DON’T TAKE CHANCES Quality KYDEX-PRO plastic shell for field re-forming, a Code Requirement*, (unlike boots using inexpensive polypro or ABS which are not re-formable); 5-20 times more resistant to breakage Foot Brace
  • What is KYDEX-PRO? Click/See beyond More Care for LESS COST for yourself and your patients?
  • For Non-Fixed Plantar Flexion Contracture (L4396 or L4397 / L1930 Insurance Code). Great for Plantar Fasciitis ICD-10 M24.57
  • Heel Float, Foot Drop, Achilles Tendonitis
  • With Universal Sizing + Easy Don-Doff; No Straps; Lambs wool
  • Regular & Large Size fit almost everyone means Less Inventory to carry Ankle Splints
  • SIZING: Easy: Measure 11 inches up from heal: Around calf: Regular Size = up to 16 inches; Large Size = over 16 inches to about 20 inches (Extender Kit for the Calf and Foot available for edema, etc.)
  • All Boots available with FLEECE or NO-Fleece Liner, VelFoam…just add NF to order code
  • Anti-Rotation bar and Toe post included
  • Adjustable KYDEX-PRO plastic shell covered to guard against skin abrasion
  • Soft and Luxurious. (Note: for minimal transfers; this is not a walking boot; see Cam Walkers for walking boots
  • Now Available Cool Ocean Blue with soft Lambswool interior (syn.)
  • 11 Inch Easy On-Off Fixed Transfer Sole Pad for multi podus boot
  • KYDEX-PRO Adjustable Boot Shell Floats Heel For Non-Fixed Contracture and Recumbent heel pressure relief Wound care and Plantar Fasciitis
  • Lightweight and wide closures = Easy don / doff and No Straps for Less Pressure concentration
  • Positive Double Bolt Connection with Fast Lock Donut retainer to secure removable nuts until YOU want to remove them
  • Testimonials: What Users Say about LG products Click/See