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LEEDer Group Product Testimonials





LEEDer Group Product Testimonials; here are a few of the many LEEDer Group Product Testimonials from satisfied customers.

Here’s what some LEEDer users say:

To Whom It May Concern LEEDer KYDEX-PRO Ambulation Boot ordered on-line

I am also trying to get my University Hospital where I am a foot and ankle surgeon to change their heel protection to a much better product like yours. I am actually paying out of pocket for this boot for one of my current patients to get him the heel protection and equinovarus contracture limitation he needs.

Hello from Indiana LEEDer Back Brace

It was nice speaking with you regarding the back brace for our son Caleb Brewer and to get sizing info regarding some of your other products. The back brace Caleb is currently using is wonderful!! He has Cerebral Palsy, balancing and supporting himself can be difficult at times. He is also stronger in the abdominal area than in his back so he over compensates and leans forward a lot. The back brace keeps Caleb sitting perfectly straight!! Even independently WOW! That is good proprioceptive input for him, and he can multi-task easier with good posture. So we are basically using it to help correct Caleb’s posture, help retrain and give him input. We are even able to use this back brace while seating in a bolster seat, and using it that way, he does not need any straps or harnesses to keep him upright. The material is very soft, and he can leave the shoulder straps on for a good theraputic session with no pressure marks or discomfort. I can’t say enough, and when Caleb is independent using the back brace he is very proud of himself!!
Kelly Brewer
1530 xxx xxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxx, IN 4xxxx

Pediatric Multi Use Boots

Multi Use Boot

Dear Leeder Group, I recently purchased two pediatric multi use boots on Sept. 6th 2007. Love the boots. Kim C. from Delaware

On LSO Lumbo Sacral Orthoses

The small thin model serves me fine. J.T.

The XS is amazing; I got immediate relief as soon after I put it on. I use it all the time now. Thank you Leeder Group. Paul R.

LEEDer Boot


During a recent stay at the hospital for an angioplasty procedure, I was fitted for a LeederBoot. This was due to some sores on my feet which were caused by the lack of blood flowing to my foot. Unfortunately I was not given a laundry bag with the Boot.

The Boot worked very well relieving all the pressure from the sore areas. I have been able to navigate very well while wearing it.

A pleasant call to your office in Miami regarding the missing laundry bag met with some very nice people who saw that a bag was forwarded to me post haste. No questions, no problems, no hassles but just the spirit of complete cooperation. The bag was received yesterday, no charge and post paid.

What a pleasure to be able to do business with people like you in this very harried world we live in.

You can be sure if the occasion arises that I will heartily recommend LEEDerBoot

Thank you for having a fine product represented by such nice people.


John J. Walsh

Product Testimonial

Therapist, Mariann B., from Pennsylvania says:

Thank you for the info on the Multi Use Boot. The accounts that have tried it, LOVE it!!!

It does fill a need for those patients with lots of skin breakdown [softest interface available] who need a lighter boot. It has been more popular with the Occupational Therapists who seem to get all the problems that no one else wants to address. It’s a great boot when used correctly; all the feedback I have received is POSITIVE! Thank You!!!

Product Testimonial

GRIPing Hand Splint-WHFO

I’ve returned a badly contracted hand to normal ROM in three short weeks. —a Mid-West Medicare Provider

And, from a Podiatrist:
I wanted to let you know that I have had great success in my Podiatry practice using several of the LEEDer group products. Not only are the products economical, they are also very effective. I’ve had great results using the multi-use boot as a night splint for plantar fasciitis. I have the patient progressively increase the tension on the dorsiflexion straps every few days. These patients often get complete relief over a period of a few weeks. The nice thing about the multi-use boot is its ability to easily bend and mold to the exact contour of the patients foot. When I use the boot to float a patient’s heel with an ulcer or to support a patient with arthritis, tendonitis or a sprain, I can bend the device for those people with severe inversion/eversion deformities or with a plantar flexion deformity. This allows for a comfortable and effective fit every time and increases patient compliance. Lastly, I use the regular LEEDer boot in bed bound patients to improve plantar flexion contractures and to float the heels to prevent or heal ulcers. The device also protects the patient‘s lower legs and toes from injury. The device is also useful in those patients that are working with physical therapists and need stability while improving their walking and leg strength. The boots can be used for so many other conditions as well. Practitioners will find their favorite conditions to treat. Just wanted to share my experiences and successes and hope you will share it with others. Sincerely, Marc A. Katz, DPM Tampa, FL

A Multi-Use Boot user LMUA or LMUA-Night Splint
I thank you for suggesting and helping me out with my situation. I can’t tell you enough how the Multi-USE Boot is helping me stay Pain Free!!! D.C. from San Diego, California

GRIPs impressed:
Dear sir: I recently had my first experience with the LEEDer grip WHFO in use with a stroke client and was quite impressed. M. L., OT/L

Multi Podus * / Multi Use Boots:

Recently, one multi use boot and one Leeder Boot were sent by your company to me, and now our staff is interested in pursuing more information regarding the Multi use boot. N. N., M.S., OTR/L

Hand Splints-WHFO:
Hi, I purchased your hand splints several months ago for my husband who is a quadriplegic and we are thrilled with the quality. Thank You Erica L.

Night Splint and Customer Service
Just a note of appreciation for the effectiveness of the multi use boot night splint. I have been using mine for several months.. and I see an appreciable difference in the use and pain in my foot. I have suffered from what I consider accute Planter Faciitis for several months, and have been experiencing great relief since using the boot. When purchasing items on line, one never knows what the experience will be. With the minor challenge I have had with the boot, I have been treated better than my family some time treats me! :>) I will recommend your product to others when and if they need it. Thanks again for all your help! —-V.S. Rochester, NY.

Multi Use Boot Cerebral Palsy
Having CP down the left side of my body means my muscles can get extremely tight, especially in my left leg, which then affects my walking. The multi use boot, although it looks a bit strange does a brilliant job! I got it through my physiotherapist to help stretch my calf muscle. I don’t have much control over the muscles in my leg so keeping it in a still, fixed position is hard. The boot keeps my ankle and low leg in the correct position while it is being stretched.

The multi boot is light and very comfortable; I tend to wear it while watching TV, using the programs as my timer! Louise Coleman, UK