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L 1-5 Lumbar Vertebrae... The BOC Mini really works well here.  Don't miss out on relief.
  • HCPCS code L0627 and L-0642 for lower back pain this back brace provides relief.
  • Testimonials: What Users Say about LG products Click/See Compression Field Visualization
  • Custom Fits with Flex-E-Core Technology Control Back Brace L0627 or L0642 Insurance Code
  • Body Jacket design compresses Upper Torso and Abdomen restricting mobility, unloading discs, vertebrae and other spinal structures
  • The Patent Pending technology, Flex-E-Core, combines Ferrous Alloys laminated within lightweight copolymer plastic forming composite panels that are malleable with high tensile resistance.
  • Anterior – Posterior Control Helps immobilize spine stabilizing weak or injured structures and deformities; Provides stabilization of the lumbo-sacral spine; Facilitates healing of injuries or after surgical procedures; reduces pain.
  • Flex-E-Core, Ferro-Plastic Composite panels allow Hands-on custom fitting; unlimited adjustment
  • Extremely comfortable; Easy don / doff with patient Quick release access
  • Worn Under or Over Clothing; THREE SIZES (Small, Medium, Large)
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  • Below you can see the BOC PRO-LSO-CF-XS Mini, which provides remarkable comfort and relief; the Low Pressure comfort of non-elastic straps allow users to wear it for hours and hours LSO Mini w-covers; non-elastci straps meet code
  • The plastic panels adapt to the torso with the spinal dome properly aligning the spine
  • Get a New LIFE: Back Brace BOC PRO-LSO; Can be worn for protection while working, gardening or golfing
  • NON-elastic straps are key to why this back brace works so well; Low Pressure containment field lifts the spinal column un-compressing pinched nerves
  • Without the covers you can wear it under clothing; it’s barely noticeable
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