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KYDEX - Super tough and durable, a proprietary alloy





LEEDerGroup.com: KYDEX Pro Multi Podus boot with ambulation pad Prevent Mitigate Heel Ulcers Ambulation boot Multi Podus with Fleece
  • KYDEX PRO- Super tough and durable, a proprietary alloy which brings new dimensions to Medical Devices: formability, breakage resistance, rigidity, chemical resistance and fire resistance (it self-extinguishes)
  • Why is KYEDX so SAFE? …it’s made from salt. KYDEX, derived from salt, is highly fire resistant in contrast to most of the other plastics and metals (aluminum). KYDEX self-extinguishes; it puts itself out. That is why KYDEX is the highly chosen Medical Plastic found throughout hospitals and the medical community
  • Why is KYDEX safe to use? It is probably one of the most common plastics to serve mankind because of it’s inherent stability, it’s safety to humans; it’s ubiquitousness; it’s used everywhere (used almost exclusively now for water supply piping world wide). KYDEX is the main plastic used in hospitals, operating rooms and medical clinical settings; Don’t MIss Out: Choose KYDEX; it’s safer No Fleece with Transfer Pad
  • Why is KYDEX preferred for use in Multi Podus Boots? It’s Safe and Easy to adjust, which is a code requirement. With low heat it easily adjusts to the patient’s needs; remove the heat and it locks into the chosen position; it’s easy to work with. Because of it’s unique molecular composition, you can safely adjust it over and over again. Adjustment is a Medicare Code Requirement. Try to match those specs on any other Contracture Management Boot (Multi Podus, PRAFO, bunny boots and * Foam Boots*)!
  1. Rigidity = plantar flexion resistance; it does what the boot is designed for: dorsiflexing the foot back to the neutral position; this dynamic property applies a tension force the will flex with episodes of abnormal tone to accommodate spasticity; providing abnormal-reflex-arc therapy, which can reduce the intensity and duration of spasticity over time. Recover Range of Motion.
  2. Breakage Resistance = you needn’t worry it will break when you patients are moving about on it like with other boots, especially using Polypro (low density) plastics; they break too easily
  3. Fire Retardancy = KYDEX self-extinguishes; if the other boots do not use fire retardant additives (which further weaken the Rigidity and Breakage Resistance), they pose more of a FIRE HAZARD Use KYDEX instead; its’ safer. Poly Pro and Nylon are oil byproducts and highly flammable; Aluminum is a terrible fire accelerator once started.
  • Try to find any other Multi Podus Boot to meet those specifications; do you want anything less?
  • Who else uses KYDEX in their Multi Podus Boots but LEEDer Group?
  • KYDEX-PRO ambulation boot with ambulation pad also reinforced with KYDEX in two sizes to lessen your inventory needs: LBMR Regular and LBML Large
  • Or, the bed boot; LBR Regular and LBL Large
  • All with easy application: only two wide closures to better distribute pressure; No Strap application for greater patient comfort and efficacy plus Moisture Wicking, Anti-Microbial Softgood Fabric Covers
  • KYDEX-PRO Orthoses for the treatment of ankle-foot contractures (L4396 97 L1930) and plantar fasciitis, Heel decubitus, heel sores, heel ulcers, ankle-foot compartment stabilization, etc. With the largest and safest ambulation pad available, you get your patients’ blood flowing for Better Outcomes.