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LEEDer KYDEX PRO Stronger, Moldable, Aero-Space Quality





  • Why use the best? Why use the Aero-Space Quality KYDEX-PRO? KYDEX-PRO Ambulation Orthosis
  • Answer: It’s Stronger than the competition and it’s a true Thermoplastic allowing adjustment which is a code requirement…and, Because the High Quality Helps you Transform lives by providing better Outcomes: Stronger and Safer protecting You and Your Patients; add in Anti-Microbial and Moisture Wicking Softgoods for a winning combination…Don’t Miss Out..!
  • KYDEX is the structural shell for KYDEX-PRO Ankle-Foot contracture Multi Podus boots providing the frame for the soft good covers; the boot shells are L in shape with a 5 degree pre-load of dorsiflexion to counteract heel ulcers, foot drop, etc.
  • KYDEX is STRONGER and SAFER by up to 20 times compared to competitor’s polypro (polypropylene) and ABS boot shells
  • The combination of its strength properties places KYDEX at the highest levels among thermoforming materials. Its modulus of elasticity in flexure is 330,000 psi – 50% higher than many others.
  • Stronger-Safer increases better Outcomes…Keeping you in Control transforming lives
Watch the Application Video of the KYDEX-PRO Ambulation Boot; Click the Arrow: More Control…Better Outcomes…Transforming Lives
  • Regular & Large Size fit almost everyone mean Less Inventory
  • SIZING: Easy: Measure 11 inches (~28cm) up from heel: Around calf: Regular Size = up to 16 inches (~40cm); Large Size = over 16 inches to about 20 inches (~40cm-51cm)
  • For unusual sizes an Extender Kit for the Calf and Foot available for edema, etc.
  • KYDEX offers rigidity along with a high degree of toughness and resilience
  • KYDEX® is a relatively hard thermoplastic with a hardness of 90 on the Rockwell R scale.
  • MOLDABLE KYDEX is easily molded in the field to accommodate patient conditions setting it apart from Polypro and other less expensive plastics. Insist upon KYDEX, the Premium thermoplastic
  • Although more expensive (3-5 times) and harder to work with, LEEDer chooses KYDEX for all KYDEX-PRO Multi Podus Boot shells and for Ambulation pad reinforcement, creating a superior product
  • IT’s Fire Safety SAFER: KYDEX has the highest Fire Rating; it is self-extinguishing in the event of fire. Do you want to have anything LESS in your facilities or your home?
  • Demand to know what kind of plastic you are sending into medical facilities and homes; KYDEX is as safe as you can get
  • Protect yourself and your patient from dangerous falls