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ICD-9 Codes Upper Extremity





ICD-9 codes are now DISCONTINUED: USE ICD-10
ICD-9 codes DISCONTINUED; ICD-10 ONLY NOW; these are more complicated with greater drill down detail; many LEEDer codes are in the M24.xxx range where the “xxx” specify Right, Left, Leg, Elbow, et

Note: these ICD-9 Codes are not all inclusive; they may relate to LG products.

Upper Extremity

438.21 Late effects of cerebrovascular disease
726.0 Adhesive capsulitis, shoulder
726.12 Bicipital tenosynovitis
736.21 Boutonniere deformity
727.04 de Quervain’s disease
728.6 Dupuytren’s contracture
727.42 Ganglion, tendon sheath
727.43 Ganglion, unspec.
726.32 Lateral epicondylitis
736.1 Mallet finger
726.31 Medial epicondylitis
726.33 Olecranon bursitis
715.14 Osteoarthrosis, hand
715.11 Osteoarthrosis, shoulder
730.04 Osteomyelitis, hand, acute
726.10 Rotator cuff syndrome, NOS
727.62 Rupture, biceps tendon
736.22 Swan-neck deformity
727.05 Tenosynovitis, hand/wrist
727.03 Trigger finger, acquired