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How to Use Our Night Splint





In a word: SLOWLY
  • Go at it slowly…as with many things: slow is the way to go about it. Don’t rush it. The majority of cases involve your plantar fasica. Your plantar fasciitis is in distress; it has micro cracks across the fascia. That’s where all the pain is. Each time you get up in the morning without using a Night Splint, you re-stress and induce more stress on the plantar fascia. In a word: SLOW. Go slow. Night Splints can help you but if you rush it, you can aggravate things as well. Go…slow
  • Adjust the Night Splint so that the dorsiflexion straps apply a small amount of pressure against the bottom of your foot. This will stop your foot from contracting while you sleep. Of course it’s not comfortable; healing is usually not comfortable. If you want to get back to normal, you must train your plantar fascia not to contract. As important: during the day you must stretch the plantar fasciitis.
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More Control…Better Outcomes…Transforming Lives
  • Multi USE adjusts for Plantar Fasciitis, Dorsiflexion as a Night Splint, recumbent heel pressure relief, wound control, Heel Float, inversion or eversion, or toe walking.
  • As you become more accustomed to the pressure of the night splint on the bottom of your foot you can increase pressure until you are back to neutral. With daily stretching and when you are back to neutral, you can go off the night splint every other night…and, then every two nights, etc.
  • You must be the ultimate judge. Only you can feel the pain; only you can feel the correct tension of the night splint on the plantar fascia.
  • Do not rush it; you will only aggravate it. 6 to 8 weeks is minimum time and you must incorporate stretching.
Just do it! Slowly.
  • Only a night splint with dorsiflexion straps (side straps) will work. You cannot apply proper pressure without the dorsi-flexion side straps, which counteract the plantar-flexion contracture. The so called passive and dorsal (top of the foot) night splints cannot apply adequate and precise counter pressure.