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Contracture Management Related

Hand Splints for Contractures





LEEDerGROUP.com specializes in Hand Splints for Contractures with the Professional Line of WHFO orthoses…ALL manufactured with proprietary Hand adjustable FLEX E CORE technology
  • RESTing Hand Splint PRO – Flex-E-Core
  • Item Codes: LRLL Pro, LRLR PRO, LRML PRO, LRMR PRO, LRSL PRO, LRSR PRO are all with Fleece; for No Fleece or VelFoam smooth finish, add NF to the Item codes above. Pro-Rest Hand Orthosis
NOW with better Strap marking Labels to assist proper application >>> CLICK IMAGES FOR BETTER VIEW
Pro-GRIP Orthosis
  • GRIPing Hand Splint PRO – Flex-E-Core
    Item Codes: LGLL PRO, LGLR PRO, LGML PRO, LGMR PRO, LGSL PRO, LGSR PRO are all smooth No Fleece VelFoam finish