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Hand Contractures





WHFO Hand Splint Orthosis with Flex-E-Core Technology
  • Contractures of the Wrist Hand Finger assembly are common with older, inactive patients, and those with Cardio-Vascular disorders, strokes, etc
Pro-Rest Hand Orthosis
  • LEEDer GRoup Flex-E-Core Flexible static braces provide dynamic properties to effectively treat neuro-contractures. All Flex-E-Core Hand Orthoses provide a tension force that will Flex with episodes of abnormal tone to accommodate spasticity; providing abnormal-reflex-arc therapy, which can reduce the intensity and duration of spasticity over time. Flex-E-Core will gently Flex into contractures to reverse ROM (Range Of Motion).
  • WHFO Wrist Hand Finger Orthosis — Wrist PRO-RESTing Hand Splints for Severe Wrist contracture and moderate Hand-Finger contracture
  • Insurance Approved L-3807 or L3809 Tag F314 Functional Hand splints — VA APPROVED
    1-2-3 PRO-RESTing Hand Splint
  • Testimonials: What Users Say about LEEDer products Click/See
  • Use this splint to Comfortably Treat Severe Wrist and Mild to Moderate Finger-Hand Contractures and Decrease Finger Flexion; bend to 90 degrees
  • Easily adjust the LEEDer Group 1-2-3 PRO-RESTing Hand Splint with Flex-E-Core Technology No heat or tools required Cock Up Hand Splint
    Pro-GRIP Orthosis
  • Great for Hand Contracture Management and controlling contractures that have not progressed too far See/Click LEEDer 1-2-3 PRO-GRIPing WHFO Hand Splint Orthosis for severe Hand-Finger contractures
  • Finger Separator Included
  • Why Flex-E-Core Makes a Difference? Click/See Flex-E-Core
  • Soothing Lambs Wool Fleece Cover NO FLEECE-VelFOAM All Fabric Option Available Resting Hand Splints
  • Easily Adjusts to ANY ANGLE..even Hand Drop! Complete Malleable Flex-E-Core Technology Cock-up Hand Splint easy adjust; for severe Wrist Drop
  • Provides Thumb Abduction Control and Finger Separation
  • Sized by distance BETWEEN Wrist and elbow crease:
Small = Less than 8 inch
Medium = 8 inch to 9.5 inch
Large = 9.5 inch & greater
  • Supports Flacid Wrist and Hand
  • Adjust easily without heat or tools as a Cock-Up Hand Splint Cock Up
  • Pediatric splint available too!
  • Order Code: Add NF for No Fleece-VELFOAM
Large: LRLL PRO or, for the right hand: LRLR PRO