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Contracture Management Related

Dupuytrens Contracture





Pro-Rest Hand Orthosis Pro-GRIP Orthosis
  • Are your fingers curling? Why gamble with any type of invasive therapy before trying something approved by Medicare that is completely NON-invasive? Don’t let someone cut into you before trying one or both of these Insurance approved contracture management splints
  • Our contracture management hand splints can be worn at night and you can help control these contractions while you sleep featuring LEEDer Flex-E-Core adjustable without heat or tools
  • Try the PRO REST or PRO GRIP see if a completely NON-invasive therapy will work.
  • There is a 50% recurrence rate with Invasive needle fasciotomy…try something that may work without pain.
  • Start with Pro-GRIPing hand splint if you have extreme contracture L4396 or L4397
  • For more information and to Order our Pro-GRIPing Splint Click PRO-GRIPing Hand Splint
  • And, you can work your way back with the PRO-RESTing L4396 or L4397 hand splint made with Flex-E-Core for proper, gradual adjustment to get you back to normal finger/hand positions