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Chronic Back Pain





Chronic Back Pain and the BOC PRO-LSO: Start a new LIFE: Back Brace 116 CF XS
L 1-5 Lumbar Vertebrae... The BOC Mini really works well here.  Don't miss out on relief.
  • BOC PRO-LSO RECOMMENDED for lower, lumbar back pain discomfort and support You won’t believe how something So Small can help you So BIG! Chronic Back Pain in the Lumbar area will benefit from this back brace. Low Pressure One Strap on the MINI and Dual Straps on the Standard LSO make these back braces so effective; you can comfortably wear them for hours on end relieving your pain.
Compression Field Visualization
  1. A Compression Field surrounding the spinal column so that the panels apply intra cavitary pressure reducing load on the inter vertebral discs
  2. Opposing force compression panels which pressurize the compression field around the spinal column
  3. Non Elastic Straps fixing the opposing force panels in place and maintaining the compression field, which relieves vertical compression pain and discomfort Note: Some elastic garments effective 1 April 2009 DISALLOWED for Medicare reimbursement
  4. A lumbar ARCH pressure point properly aligning the spine and improving posture?
    If the LSO does all this, you can get relief, comfort, better posture and possibly avoid surgery or more drastic measures.

The LEEDer Group LSO’s provide you with all of the above.

  • Lumbo Sacral back braces are available in a wide range of sizes. LSO’s range from larger body jacket types to small and inconspicuous, BOC PRO-LSO. All get the job done; the smallest , the BOC PRO-LSO (Mini), is inconspicuous and comfortable brace that stabilizes the lower lumbar region with mild yet constant pressure providing intra cavitary pressure reducing load on the inter vertebral disc. (Compression Field)
  • The constant pressure on the spinal disc assembly is the key to stabilizing, and providing relief and comfort to the user.* To be effective the LSO must have opposing panels connected with NON ELASTIC straps to pressurize the compression field around the spinal column.
Watch this video to see the Easy Application of the Single Strap Low Pressure Back Brace; Click the Arrow
More Control…Better Outcomes…Transforming Lives

  • The opposing panels when snugged together apply containment pressure INWARD toward the center of the body (the spine) from the back and the abdomen. This containment pressure stabilizes the spinal column allowing controlled movement without pain and relieving painful vertical spinal compression conditions.
  • If you’ve ever played with a long balloon and squeezed the middle of it, you’ve seen the pressure transfer above and below your hand. EXACTLY this occurs when the LSO (the opposing force panels) is applied to your back and abdomen except the pressure transfer ends at the top and bottom of the LSO creating a compression or containment field around the spinal column.
  • Also, as equally important, all LEEDer LSO include a direct Lumbar ARCH pressure point which is key to providing relief as well as encouraging good posture.

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