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Neck Back Orthosis





Here you can see a variety of Neck-Back brace Orthoses
  • Cervical Orthosis Soft Collar
    A soft collar is made of foam rubber covered with stockinette. The soft collar will be used for patients who have pain in the neck due to strain or stress. It acts as a reminder for the patient to not flex his/her neck through a sensory feedback. It can be made to measure or pre-made with fasteners of lay-on Velcro at the posterior of the neck. In some cases the Velcro strap will be adjusted so that the patients cannot don or doff the collar themselves. Therefore, either a side opening or side – front opening will be used for rheumatoid patients who have difficulty in fastening back strap.
    Cervical Orthosis Hard Collar
  • Hard Collar
    A hard collar provides a more effective way of controlling flexion and extension of the cervical vertebrae of the spine. It is made of padded polyethylene. Cervical Orthosis Philadelphia Collar
  • Philadelphia Collar
    A Philadelphia collar is bivalved. It is made of plastazote and reinforced with rigid anterior and posterior plastic strips. It easy to fit and adjust on the patient. It comes with different sizes and depths.
  • Lumbosacral Orthosis Lumbosacral Supports Lumbosacral Corset
    The lumbosacral corset is made of fabric with adjustable front velcro fasteners allow user to control degree of tension for proper support and comfort. They support the lower spine, reduce pressure on the lumbar sacral region by increasing intra-abdominal pressure also acting as a reminder to the patient to maintain correct posture. This orthosis is very popular in the treatment of lower back pain.
Thoracolumbosaral Orthosis-Jewett Brace
  • Thoracolumbosacral Orthosis Jewett Brace
    A Jewett brace is a three points pressure system of orthosis, which is used for controlling the flexion of the spine. It is a hyperextension orthosis, which allows extension but prevents flexion of the spine. We mainly use the Jewett brace at Orthotics/Prosthetics department post operatively. It is easy to fit and adjust
  • TLSO The Thoracal Lumbar Sacral Orthosis
    (TLSO) as shown is a postoperative brace for a spinal operation. The material used for the brace is Pe-Lite with reinforced Polypropylene strips finalized with plastazote. A TLSO, or body jacket, can be used either in a corrective way or to accumulate the spinal cord. It might be made as soft, semi-rigid or rigid depending on the degree of deformity of the patient.
  • Boston Brace
    A Boston brace is used to control the further progression of the scoliotic spine. First, the x-ray of a patient will be measured by using cobb angle technique to determine the degree of lateral curvatura of the spine. Then, a highly qualified orthotist – who will be able to apply enough pressure for correction of the spine of the patient – will take a cast of the spine. It is made of pelite lining and polypropylene.