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Ankle Contracture Orthosis Boot Closure Extender Pad Kit





  • Ankle Contracture Orthosis Boot Closure Extender Pad Kit for Baricatric Use
  • Two Extender Pads matching the size of the boot closures: one for the Calf area and one for the foot area both with Velcro for easy application
  • For Unusual sizing: disproportionate Calf – Foot dimensions to Xtra Large (e.g.Bariatric)
  • Edema (swelling) of either the Calf area or the Foot will not allow the boot to fit properly.
  • Use one of the Closure Extender Pads to increase the length of the closure so that the boot fits properly: use the Foot Extender Pad or the Calf Extender Pad Bottom Extender Pad Visible
Note the extender pad attached to the bottom or foot closure (above); use only the foot or calf extender (below) as needed…or use them both together for Bariatric applications
Extender Pad Kit: Calf extender displayed
  • Extra Large Bariatric sizing: use both Extender Pads to fit overly large calf and foot; use the Foot Extender Pad and the Calf Extender pad at the same time to accommodate Bariatric sizing
  • Just match up the Velcros (hook to loop) and the Extender Pad makes the closures about 4 inches longer
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