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Proper Use of KX Modifier

May 2, 2018

KX Modifier Table
  • The KX modifier continues to be one of the top misused or misapplied modifiers during claims submission. Proper use of the KX modifier expedites the claims process. If the appropriate modifier is missing, the claim will reject and the supplier will need to correct and resubmit it. LEEDerGroup.com: KYDEX Pro Multi Podus boot with ambulation pad Prevent Mitigate Heel Ulcers
    CGS created a table that lists the LCDs that require the use of the KX modifier. This table allows the supplier a quick glance at those policies. Keep in mind that the KX modifier doesn’t mean the same thing for all policies. Suppliers should review each of these policies to ensure full understanding of its use.
    Check out this and other self-service options on the CGS website. Go to the appropriate jurisdiction and select Forms or Online Tools to view the available options.
For KX Modifier Tables and LCDs