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Cure-BAN Anti-Microbial





h5. Cure-BAN anti-microbial protects you and your patients…delivering more care for less cost…cure-ban antimicrobial will not wash out
  • Formula: Fast-LOK Ambulation Pad + Cure-BAN Anti-Microbial SoftGoods + KYDEX = Maximum Protection for you and your patients = DON’T TAKE CHANCES Pro-Rest with Flex-E-Core Frame for Custom Molding to Patient's Condition---No Tools or Heat Required
  • Cure-BAN Protects – Cure-BAN will not wash out! Protects against germs, odors, mold and mildew Contracture Management
  • Wicks away moisture
  • All LEEDer Group Product softgoods FORMULATED with Anti-Microbial agent Cure-Ban, which fights micro-organisms, especially disease causing bacterium
  • Cure-BAN blended into the material Cure-Ban Protects – Anti-Microbial Agent
  • Cure-BAN will not Wash out like inexpensive spray-on agents commonly used
  • More Care for LESS Cost…the LEEDer Way! Providing your clients with better products at better pricing KYDEX PRO Multi Podus
  • Cure-BAN helps protect You and Your Clients fighting odors and destructive microbes 24 hours a day and you do not need to worry about it washing out
  • LEEDer softgoods FORMULATED with Cure-BAN
  • LEEDer Group provides More Care for LESS Cost with Cure-BAN