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LEEDer KYDEX-PRO Bed Boot and Abduction Bar Application





  • Preventing Heel Ulcers and Heel Pressure Sores
  • Floating the Heel to Correct Lack of Blood Flow
  • Reversing Heel Ulcer Damage
  • Provide Comfortable, Adjustable Platform; KYDEX Pro
  • Safer Stronger Ambulation improves Blood Flow

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  • SIZING: Easy: Measure 11 inches (~28cm) up from heel: Around calf: Regular Size = up to 16 inches (~40cm); Large Size = over 16 inches to about 20 inches (~40cm-51cm)
  • For unusual sizes an Extender Kit for the Calf and Foot available for edema, etc.
  • LEEDer KYDEX-PRO Ankle Foot Orthosis; Professional BED Boot; Fleece or No-Fleece option L-4396: Application, Dis-assembly and Re-assembly procedure
  • Insist on KYDEX: safer and stronger for you and your patients for Better Outcomes
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