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Multi-Use Boot Flex-E-Core

Adjustable Flex-E-Core Frame: No Worries: Fits RIGHT or LEFT Foot
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  • Multi Uses: Plantar Fasciitis, Heel Ulcers and more
  • Light Weight and Very Soft
  • Side Straps for Adjustment to Any Angle
  • Control Foot Drop
  • Flex-E-Core Adjust no Tools or Heat
  • Anti-Rotation Bar

  • TECHNICAL DETAILS and How to Put it On Video;
  • PRO-Multi Use Boot Orthosis AFO: preferred by therapists with more control side straps
  • Get relief: this Orthosis is built on the same Flex-E-Core platform as our Hand splints allowing full adjustment and control
  • Get a softer interface; it's lighter, more comfortable
  • Practitioners choose the Multi Use AFO
  • Flex-E-Core Works in this alternative boot...see the amazing range of adjustment which can be made without tools or heat; custom fit to patient's size and condition
  • Get Satisfaction, Get Relief Guarantee...Doctor Approved
  • Dorsiflexion Straps provide RAR (Required Adjustment Range)
  • Doctors like this boot for heel decube: simple, lightweight and adjustable
  • With Flex-E-Core Technology you get the best!
  • Completely Adjustable; from 60 (150) degrees dorsiflex (up) to 60 (150) degrees plantarflex (down)
  • With dorsiwedge "toe pad" for extra dorsiwedge dorsiflexion : FREE
  • Flex-E-Core Technology...we invented WORKS!
  • Multi Use Boot Lightweight and Softest Interface Available
  • Multi Use Bottom surface allows minimal night Transfers
  • Multi Use Adult, Pediatric and Adult Firm