KYDEX PRO Mulit Podus Ambulation Boot Orthosis

Safer and Stronger: No Worries: Fits RIGHT or LEFT Foot
(This product has a limit set to 16 item(s) per order)
      • Preventing Heel Ulcers and Heel Pressure Sores
      • Floating the heel to correct lack of blood flow
      • Reversing heel ulcer damage
      • Provide Comfortable, Adjustable Platform; KYDEX Pro
      • Safer Stronger Ambulation improves blood flow

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      • Stops and Counteracts Heel ulcers and sores, plantar fasciitis, contractures of the Ankle/Foot
      • KYDEX is a True ThermoPlastic; Adjustable to all conditions
      • Large, safe and secure "ambulation pad" on bottom makes transfer easy and increases blood flow which helps healing and prevents ulcers healing; can be used for Bed also
      • Cure-BAN anti-microbial Protection and Moisture Wicking Softgoods for Comfort and Convenience...Better Outcomes
      • Insurance Code L4396 or L4397 / L-1930
      • (L4396 is now used by Medicare for "custom" application / adjustment by a qualified health care professional;the L4397 is for prefabricated or off the shelf)
      • Order Codes: LBMR LBML LBMR-NF LBML-NF KYDEX-PRO Ankle Foot Orthosis
      • Dont' miss out on the Professional KYDEX-PRO Ambulation Boot: the Multi Podus *Type Boot with More Control... KYDEX makes the difference; insist on THE safer and more secure KYDEX-PRO

      LEEDer KYDEX-PRO Multi Podus boot Orthoses are used to help fix and reverse heel sores which usually result from lack of movement and too much direct pressure on heel areas, etc. The heels pressing upon the bed keep blood from flowing at that pressure area.. The LEEDer KYDEX-PRO Multi Podus boot Orthosis with KYDEX reinforced ambulation pad as well as the LEEDer KYDEX-PRO Bed Boot Orthosis support and stabilize the complete ankle-foot assembly but specifically they float the heel area. They also provide a small "window" opening through the material so you can monitor this area. The LEEDer KYDEX-PRO Multi Podus boot with ambulation pad provides the patient with a mobility platform (limited ambulation only) allowing the patient to improve blood circulation, which alleviates decubitus ulcer formation. Floating the heel area and eliminating pressure contact in the heel area can fix decubitus heel sores. The soft faux fleece lining provides comfort and warmth; an alternate non-fleece lining (Smooth) is available.
      Mulit Podus boots were originally designed primarily to provide this type of support and control. The boots are used for a variety of other condtions as well: ankle contracture management, plantar fasciitis (night splinting), Achilles tendonitis, etc.

      The LEEDer Boot KYDEX reinforced ambulation pad stands next to none for size, strength and safety. Keep the patient moving...circulating blood provides Better Outcomes. This is a well known therapy. The LEEDer Boot ambulation pad is composed of a thick rubber pad (No Latex) reinforced with a KYDEX attachment pad. The two part ambulation pad is attached to the LEEDer KYDEX-PRO Boot Orthsis with two 1/4 inch aluminum bolts with wide attachment nuts. This makes the pad especially tight to the LEEDer Boot unlike others on the market which are small and attach loosely (some without bolts..! ). Locking the nuts to the bottom of the boot are two small "donuts" of the same material; they are surround the nuts and fill in the space needed to apply the nuts. One of our plant employees came up with this design idea; it's one of those oh so simple designs that most of us overlook. The little donuts pop in and securely lock the ambulation pad onto the boot. But, it 's easy enough to pop the donuts out to get to the nuts to remove the ambulation pad. The LEEDer Boot ambulation platform is larger, stronger and more stable than any other boot available. The KYDEX-PRO is safer.

      The LEEDer KYDEXPRO Ambulation Boot Orthosis with ambulation pad (Multi Podus, PRAFO) and the LEEDer KYDEX-PRO Bed Boot Orthosis both use the same softgood liners. There are only two pieces: the upper liner and the lower liner for the foot. Each has a large "closure" and there are no straps. Straps apply too much pressure to too small an area. The large closures spread out the pressure thereby reducing it. The popular and favorite for most is the LEEDer fleece which is well know in the industry; the fleece is on the inside of the the liner and along the back covering all of the hard parts further protecting the patient; all hard surfaces are covered to protect the patient (less expensive boots use small "strap liners" to save money on material). Both the ambulation boot and bed boot are available with our Fleece liners and all fabric Velfoam liners (no fleece).