PRO Air Assist GRIP

One Size Fits All; Inflatable "carrot" for Severe Contractures Finger-Hand; Fits RIGHT or LEFT
(This product has a limit set to 6 item(s) per order)
  • Start with Air Bladder to reverse unfixed finger clenching
  • Air Bladder Cover Soft and Comfortable
  • Air Pump Adjustable
  • Use With or Without Flex-E-Core Frame
  • For Severe UnFixed Finger Contracture
  • Flex-E-Core Adjust no Tools or Heat

  • Professional Air Assist Hand Splint for severe hand clenching or contracture.
  • Clever detachable "carrot air-bulb" inserts in clenched hand. Pump it up to open hand back to "C" position. Completely adjustable. L3807 3809
  • Sizing: One size fits all. LGAA
  • Universal Easy Fit for Left or Right
  • Flex-E-Core Technology allows unlimited adjustment. Patent Pending.
  • DETACHABLE Palmar Air Bulb for those tightly contracted fingers. Includes Hand pump to slowly and comfortably increase ROM.
  • Works great for severely contracted fingers and hands.
  • Finger Separator included