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The Climate Crisis Takes Over - Too Much CO2 = Earth Overheats.

For REPLACEMENT products similar to LEEDer products, contact Ongoingcare.com (On Going Care Solutions). Ask for Alfonso Mora, Richard Nace or Linda Lee. They can help you with what you need. Their products are adequate and readily available. Tell them LEEDer sent you. Thanks and best wishes.

Note: another customer just called, 1 Sept, to complain about the quality of OCS products so I regret the recommendation. Unfortunately, no one makes products like LEEDer made them.

Some other companies are Comfy and RCAI; both have drawbacks and do not exceed LEEDer’s design or quality but what can you do when LEEDer is only operating Virtually now? WWW.RCAI.COM

Good luck and Best Wishes.

Regards, Philip

The Climate Crisis very likely will make Earth uninhabitable for humans thanks to Big Oil Exxon Kochs et al (see desmogblog.com for full details). Too much CO2 from fossil fuel consumption crowds our atmosphere, overheating Earth, disrupting our Climate.
What will our children do? And their children? We must have massive infrastructure spending NOW to halt carbon (oil, gas, etc.) extraction.
The New Green Deal makes sense for us; not cents $$$ for Big Oil and their interests.

BTW: if we do not get EVERYONE vaccinated, we are not gonna make this Covid Virus recede. Let’s get everyone VAXXED UP !!