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New Strap Label Assistance New Pro-GRIP updates - Label & Velcro Retainer
  • LEEDerGroup.com: More Care of LESS COST: LEEDer Group >>> KYDEX-PRO
  • KYDEX-PRO Ankle-Foot Orthosis L4396 or L4397 / L1930 ambulation
KYDEX Pro CMS codes are L4396 or L4397 (the L4396 is now used for “custom” application / adjustment by a qualified health care professional; the L4397 code is for prefabricated or off the shelf)
  • Click on image to view New CHANGES for WHFO splints >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  • KYDEX-PRO Professional Orthoses for Better Safety, Better Security, Better Outcomes
  • Transforming Lives …Don’t Miss OUT…More Care for LESS COST Ambulation boot Multi Podus with Fleece

REST and GRIP Displaying Easy as 1-2-3 Strap Numbering
  • Don’t Miss OUT: All Straps Numbered for easy Application for Pro-REST and Pro-GRIP with Anti-Microbial and Moisture Wicking Softgoods CLICK HERE for more information
  • Dynamic Properties: Flex-E-Core flexible static braces provide dynamic properties to effectively treat neuro-contractures. Flex-E-Core provides tension force that will “Flex” with episodes of abnormal tone to accommodate spasticity while providing “abnormal-reflex-arc” therapy, which can reduce the intensity and duration of spasticity over time to regain lost Range of Motion; L3807 or L3809
PRO-WHFO REST GRIP DORSAL are CMS codes L3807 or L3809 (the L3807 is now used for “custom” application / adjustment by a qualified health care professional; the L3809 code is for prefabricated or off the shelf
  • Don’t Miss OUT: KYDEX-PRO Ankle Foot Orthosis are preferred by Prosthetists and Orthotists who transform lives by choosing the KYDEX-Pro Multi Podus Boot Orthoses with exclusive No Strap Low Pressure Application PLUS Fast-LOCK Transfer Pad, Cure-Ban Anti-Microbial and Moisture Wicking SoftGoods and KYDEX-PRO shell for Adjustabllity, Durability and Protection with dynamic loading to counteract dorsiflexion, foot drop, heel sores, etc; L4396 or L4397 / L1930 ambulation

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