LEEDer Group Inc.
156 Reasor St. #108
Oklahoma, OK 74464 USA

Phone: 305.436.5030
Fax: 305.436.0086
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LEEDerGroup Management focus on new Driven Electric Division (DED)

Driven Electric Division (DED) develops: Solar Micro Grids utilizing low cost name brand Solar Panels and low cost wooden “stadium” support structures, overseen by in-house R&D Lab harvesting the Sun’s abundant energy. With High Efficient Heat Pumps (HEHP) setting new standards for reversing the cooling cycle (HVAC) down to below freezing ambient air. Hot water heated once close to usage site with 240V 40AMP 8 KW (8000 watt) electric “instantaneous” hot water heaters; thereby no standby loss, zero run loss and delivered immediately so no more wasting water waiting for the hot water to arrive. Requires 400 AMP service mains for 3 bath 3 bed home under re-construction on Stick Ross Mt. Tahlequah, Oklahoma.
NOTE*NOTE*NOTE: We have no Orthoses to sell: NONE, ZERO, ZILCH.

LEEDer wishes to THANK YOU: all of our great customers who called in, acted sane and normal, and treated us as well as we treated them. Thank you for valuing our products. We had so many really happy and satisfied customers who told us they loved our products and were so happy to be DONE with the other ones they had even paid more for !!

We operate remotely by phone, fax and e-mail. Call us for a chat, if you like.

LEEDer no longer manufactures or distributes CLASS I FDA registered Medical Devices (Orthotses) as we did for over 20 years; manufactured in our production facility in beautiful Costa Rica under the watchful eyes of Alfonso Mora Valverde, the owner/operator of CoCo S.A., (COCOSA) CR.

This site will remain for historical purposes and some current events (above) until we get our in-development websites up, tested and fully operational.

Meanwhile, for those looking for similar products following LEEDer designs:

For replacement products SIMILAR to LEEDer products, contact Comfy and RCAI; both have drawbacks and do not exceed LEEDer’s design or quality.
And On Going Care Solutions: Note: another customer called complaining about the quality of OCS products so I regret the recommendation. Not many to choose from now. Perhaps you will have better luck with them; it is not rocket science.
Some of these companies have attempted to duplicate LEEDer products halfheartedly, without employing LEEDer materials and manufacturing methods, skimping on quality.
Unfortunately, no one makes products like LEEDer made them.
Good luck and Best Wishes.
Regards, PSW

The Climate Crisis Takes Over – Too Much CO2 = Earth Overheats.
There is a High Probability the Climate Crisis will make Earth uninhabitable for humans thanks to Big Oil: Exxon, Kochs et al (see desmogblog.com for full details). Too much CO2 from fossil fuel deployment crowds our atmosphere, overheating Earth, disrupting our Climate.
What will our children do? And their children?
We must have massive infrastructure spending NOW to REPLACE carbon (oil, gas, etc.) extraction.
Go Green.
The New Green Deal makes sense. Big Oil and their CENTS-$$$ does not.