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Driven Electric Division (DED) Leeder Group Inc. 918.316.3807. Call now. 918.316.3807.

Driven Electric Division (DED) project develops:

Solar Arrays up to Micro Grid size (1 MW) utilizing low cost name brand Solar Panels mounted on low cost wooden “stadium” support structures, overseen by in-house R&D Lab monitoring the solar output of the panels.

Specializes in High Efficient Heat Pumps (HEHP) which are setting new standards for reversing the cooling cycle; capable of Heating down to below freezing ambient air (-20 F) in the SEER 22 Efficiency Range and cooling effectively up to 127 F ambient air.

Promotes High Voltage appliances wherever possible, including Hot Water (HVHW) heated by computer controlled small box heaters close to usage site (240V 60AMP 13 KW-13,000 watt) electric “instantaneous” hot water; no standby loss, near zero run loss and delivered immediately eliminating wasted water, waiting for the hot water to arrive. Requires 400 AMP service main to power three units for 3 bath 3 bed home under re-construction on Stick Ross Mountain. Tahlequah, Oklahoma.

Additionally, we are looking for a minimum 1 acre parcel to develop a pilot project for DOE Grant #2769-1510 [the Westville, Oklahoma parcel was unsuitable for use].


The Climate Crisis Takes Over – Too Much CO2 = Earth Overheats.
There is a High Probability the Climate Crisis will make Earth uninhabitable for humans thanks to Big Oil: Exxon, Kochs et al (see www.desmogblog.com for full details). Too much CO2 from fossil fuel deployment crowds our atmosphere, overheating Earth, disrupting our Climate.
What will our children do? And their children?
We must have massive infrastructure spending NOW to REPLACE carbon (oil, gas, etc.) extraction.
Go Green.
The New Green Deal makes sense. Big Oil with their Massive Green-washing money $$$ DO NOT. They have been LYING to us for over 50 years and now they will answer to us in court.